Client, Firm, Community

TwinFocus helps its clients achieve compelling investment returns while positively impacting the community and environment through cooperation with for-profit and non-profit organizations.

While traditional grantmaking will continue to be the mainstream for non-profit gifting, underlying principals of shared responsibility and communal benefits permeate philanthropy, fueled by technological innovation. TwinFocus works with our clients’ Foundation fiduciaries in finding creative solutions through program-related and mission-related investments that achieve multiple objectives all of which are guided and overseen by TwinFocus’ Foundation Best Practices protocols.

TwinFocus remains at the forefront of working with clients to identify innovative solutions to societal challenges while identifying compelling investment opportunities in public market strategies, private funds and direct / co-investments that do not sacrifice financial returns. The TwinFocus Impact program offers families the opportunity to advance their social, governance and/or environmental goals while not jeopardizing compelling financial returns.