TwinFocus Real Estate Partners welcomed a new family office client with a legacy portfolio of industrial and office assets located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since our relationship began, we have provided holistic, hands-on support to strengthen and grow their holdings by:

  • Engaging directly with the portfolio’s property manager to ensure proper reporting on all assets’ condition, financials, and occupancy as well as lease terms. 
  • Producing lease rollover and expiration calendars for the client and simplified reporting packages of the property portfolio to allow for greater transparency and understanding of cash flow generation as well as upcoming milestone events that require proactive decision-making. 
  • Identifying potential areas of improvement and optimization within the portfolio and potential major cap-ex projects to enable proper capital planning into the future, while maximizing risk-adjusted free cash flow generation. 
  • Working directly with the client and leveraging TwinFocus Real Estate Partners’ internal lending relationships to facilitate the refinancing of assets under-levered or nearing loan maturity to produce available cash flow for cap-ex projects and additional free cash flow to the client.