Real Estate Advisory

Real estate strategy and solutions for your life and legacy.

With TwinFocus, you have one team to structure and evaluate your real estate investments. Your team recommends holdings to optimize your portfolio and your balance sheet.


Comprehensive wealth, philanthropic, and generational planning.


Precise sourcing of new investment opportunities.


Highly strategic negotiation and meticulous due diligence.

TwinFocus’ relationships and expertise deliver full-spectrum solutions.

  • Tap into a powerful real estate team that fully tackles challenges and identifies opportunities, including Opportunity Zones, closed-end private equity funds, REIT investments, and recapitalizations.
  • Get depth that spans single-asset acquisitions and lease vs. sale transactions, portfolio-level transactions, and more.
  • For U.S. taxable or offshore investors, get assistance navigating the tax and regulatory complexities of stateside ownership.
  • Add a pioneering perspective and unparalleled experience to your advisory team with TwinFocus Real Estate Partners, our real-estate investment firm.

We’re your advocate and your advisor, allowing you to access powerful real estate investing

Deal Evaluation & Support

  • Comprehensive analysis and due diligence help manage risk, reduce cost, and increase operational efficiencies.
  • We strive to negotiate favorable terms for both your transaction and balance sheet.

Deal Origination

  • Significant sector experience informs asset sourcing and underwriting.
  • Access well-vetted proprietary opportunities plus private equity and debt options, funds, and direct investments through other seasoned real estate firms.

Comprehensive Advisory

Get guidance that’s multifaceted in scope and meticulous in execution.

  • All recommendations are informed by detailed discovery and analysis.
  • Ownership advice deeply considers your estate and gift tax planning and liability protections.
  • We design efficient ownership structures and provide operations direction for your transactions and acquisition strategies.
  • We optimize your prior investments for your portfolio and balance sheet.

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