Responsible Investing

Capital that can change the world.

Structuring your wealth and doing good don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With TwinFocus, you get investments and other opportunities that align your balance sheet with a better world.


Investment management and oversight for families and foundations.


Gifting and philanthropic solutions integrated into your investment plan.


Multi-generational planning and wealth development for you and your legacy.

Put your wealth to work for your family and community.

  • Together, we develop a road map that reflects your family mission statement, values, and impact priorities.
  • You get charitable vehicles and other philanthropic executions that are optimized for desired impact and tax efficiency.
  • Fiduciaries of family foundations benefit from our investment management and best practices.
  • Future generations are set up financially and operationally to fulfill your investing intention.

Where wealth structuring meets responsible investing

Investing for Impact

  • Get due diligence that aligns opportunities with your impact and financial objectives.
  • Advance your family foundation’s goals with program and mission-related investments.

Integrated Estate & Tax Planning

  • Comprehensive wealth structuring so your family tangibly benefits from your responsible investments
  • Wealth design with tax-efficient outcomes that position you to do even more in the world

Operational Guidance

When investing is part of a larger philanthropic strategy, we optimize both. Together.

  • Charitable design and benchmarking, so all activities fulfill your intentions
  • Specialized processes and oversight to expand grantmaking capabilities
  • A philanthropic strategy that operationalizes your intentions and your values

Invest with intention

Yes, you can generate financial returns and do good in the world too.

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