Making a Difference

We invest our wealth to create sustainable change in communities and the world.

Beyond managing wealth for our families, we’re also deeply committed to helping less fortunate families and other important causes.

As we work, we uncover causes that resonate with our team, partners, and clients. We then invest our hearts, our earnings, and our skills to help guide communities to a better today and tomorrow.

The TwinFocus Foundation is making the world a better place.

We partner with established nonprofits and create new ones as needed, investing in more than a dozen important causes. Through our work with mission-driven, community-based organizations, our primary goal is to help lift up disadvantaged people.


Planting the seeds for sustainable change.

For example, TwinFocus led the capital campaign to raise $23M to fund the Bridge Boston Charter School, and we actively participate in the foundation. Located in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood, this joyful, inclusive K-8 public school helps students develop skills to excel academically and reach their full potential.



We invest our earnings and partner with nonprofits to solve enduring social problems. While we’re open to any opportunity, most of the causes we support are close to home.

It takes more than desire to do good. It also takes thoughtful intention.

Philanthropic Planning

We take an integrated approach to your philanthropic program, with robust analysis, processes, and practices to address your objectives. Your family mission becomes our mission. We ensure your balance sheet can support the important work you’re doing. Charitable vehicles, primarily Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations, facilitate giving. We also manage your endowment investments, including ensuring adherence to fiduciary rules and principles. We even help get family members involved, which can greatly increase unity.

Investing for Impact

Doing good isn’t limited to philanthropy. You can achieve compelling returns while positively impacting the community and environment. Let’s explore the intersection of investing and philanthropy and align your balance sheet with your core values.

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Join a team that’s making a difference.

Helping others isn’t just lip service. It’s deeply rooted in our culture. If giving back is important to you too, consider joining us.

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