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Twin Focus Real Estate Partners

Access investments with compelling long-term opportunity.

We invest in niche real estate prospects across regions, asset classes, and markets that seek to deliver value over market cycles with a margin of safety. As a pioneer in Opportunity Zone investing, our projects often fill key community needs and address market inefficiencies and dislocations. Our expertise also spans a wide range of opportunities including closed-end private equity funds, recapitalizations, and other direct portfolio-level transactions.


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Managing money for a money manager

Fifty years old and happily single, a successful money manager is living between New York and Southampton. She earns $25 million, and her net worth is $250 million.

She is extremely busy and wants a group she can trust to run all aspects of her personal financial life.

A couple with newfound wealth

A married couple, both 37, live in San Francisco but are in the process of relocating to Europe with their two children under 10. The husband founded a highly successful software business, and he has an income greater than $10 million and net worth of $500 million. The couple wants to build close relationships with a firm they can trust with all aspects of their lives.

An ill-equipped widow 

A businessman and heir passed suddenly at age 49. He always took care of the family finances, and his widow was overwhelmed and ill-equipped to take on this role. While they both had successful careers, their net worth of $275 million was mostly wealth passed to the husband by his grandfather. The surviving spouse needs a firm that can help her piece together her financial picture, provide her with a path forward, and manage all the intricacies of her daily financial life.   

Serial entrepreneur looking to simplify 

A 58-year-old entrepreneur sold his consumer products business 10 years ago to a Fortune 500 company for $250 million. Married with two adult children, he has homes in Boston and the Caribbean. He recently started a new business and has invested in several real estate development projects. He wants a close relationship with a firm that can oversee his financial life so he and his wife can travel and live worry-free.  

We understand family and wealth in ways others don’t.

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