M&A Advisory

On your side. By your side. For all mergers and acquisitions.

Get the M&A services you’d expect from a traditional investment bank. Only faster. More complete. And 100% in your family’s best interests.

Tailored Advice

Deals and instruments are structured to optimize your balance sheet and transaction outcomes.

Thorough Diligence

All aspects of the transaction are fully vetted for financial, tax, multi-generational and operational impact.

Networked Expertise

Our global relationships inform deal participation and capital sourcing.

We’re your partner and advocate as you lead your business. And your family.

  • Benefit from our intimate understanding of your business and personal financial goals in overseeing your transaction.
  • Access our vast network of investors, experts, and capital resources for the most attractive opportunities and participants.
  • Achieve optimal tax and estate outcomes for each M&A transaction.
  • Get expert operational, succession, exit, and governance advice—particularly crucial for family-owned businesses.

For all aspects of M&A, you’re covered

Personal Risk and Deal Compliance

  • SEC issues related to M&A transactions and family offices
  • Complex disclosures and affirmative duties, such as international compliance and Environmental & Social Governance

Board Management

  • Oversight of board and shareholder participation and activism, serving on the board as needed
  • Board and shareholder best practices and insurance coverage minimizing fiduciary risks

Specialized M&A Services

We develop advantageous strategies, combinations, and executions such as:

  • SPAC and de-SPAC transactions, especially with closely held family businesses
  • Reverse/forward triangular mergers and pass-through structures such as Up-C structures
  • Tax intricacies, including Tax Receivable Agreements and installment sales issues
  • Favorable terms negotiated for private equity participants and corporate spinouts

Anticipating an M&A event?

We ensure your needs are fully met before, during, and after the transaction.

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