No stone unturned

We look beyond traditional investments into areas that can diversify a family’s wealth and provide a variety of options for growing and preserving it across generations. Our “no stone left unturned” approach allows us to seek the right investment vehicles, partners, and structures across the areas of private equity, debt, and real estate.


Expansive, curated partnerships

The decades of entrepreneurial experience that our team possesses, and the extensive global network we’ve built, provides a platform for direct investments by partnering with other professional investors and best-in-class management teams.


True to form

When pursuing unique direct investments, we align our interests with our clients’ to ensure a true and lasting partnership. We invest alongside our clients and in some cases, serve on the board of directors for portfolio companies to provide close oversight and influence on the investments we’ve made. We also act as an outsourced team in advising, managing, negotiating, and executing on existing portfolios of direct investments.