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Paul Karger, CFA®


Executive Management

Paul partners with the firm’s key clients to advise them through a broad range of complex business, financial and life decisions. Paul also leads the firm’s direct investing efforts in private equity and real estate.

How I work and live

Get to know Paul.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy building and sustaining close relationships with my clients. These are people who have been extraordinarily successful in their professional lives, and there is so much to learn from their personal stories while also helping to manage their financial lives. The other really rewarding part of what I do is building a business, something greater than myself that in effect feeds dozens of households.

What unique personal skills make you great at your role at TwinFocus?

I have always been a people person. I relate to my clients, build partnerships and friendships with them—and I have the ability to put myself in their shoes to understand their goals and objectives. Money is very personal, and being able to empathize is key.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

In my personal time, I enjoy training and competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, and Jeet Kune Do. I also treasure the quality time I spend with my family on our farm in Newport, RI.

If you were not working at TwinFocus and you knew you couldn’t fail at whatever you did, what would you do?

I’d either be a country singer or a martial arts teacher. In pursuing martial arts as a serious hobby, I have developed so much patience and discipline. I’d love to bring that sense of grounding to more people.

What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of founding and building Bridge Boston Charter School, an inner-city pre-K through 8th grade school, over the past 10 years. What started as an idea is now a thriving school with 350 students and a staff of 110. I still serve as foundation board president and am actively involved in carrying the vision forward.